Watch my SSL Keeping Your Websites Secure, One Alert at a Time

Watch my SSL

Keeping Your Websites Secure, One Alert at a Time...

WatchMySSL offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your SSL certificate management. With its intuitive dashboard, users can effortlessly add multiple domains, ensuring that all their sites remain secure without missing any SSL renewals. The platform continually monitors the status of SSL certificates and provides color-coded warnings to indicate the urgency of impending expirations. As a result, you can easily prioritize which SSL needs your immediate attention. Through its automated monitoring system, WatchMySSL sends out timely email alerts well before certificates expire, ensuring users stay ahead of potential security risks. This user-friendly app is designed to offer peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of SSL management, allowing businesses and individuals to focus on other important tasks.

Built on the robust AWS Lambda platform, WatchMySSL leverages the power of Flask for streamlined web services. With basic task scheduling, our technology ensures consistent monitoring and timely alerts, embodying reliability and efficiency in SSL certificate management.

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