SalesDeck SalesDeck, customer meeting platform, makes it easy to follow sales processes and collaborate with customers during videoconference.


SalesDeck, customer meeting platform, makes it easy to follow sales processes and collaborate with customers during videoconference....


SalesDeck allows you to sell more and faster via video with more engaging and successful sales meetings. It was in the midst of a health crisis that this idea came to me when all commercial actions were done remotely by telephone or video.

SalesDeck brings together several sales enablement features. We find within SalesDeck all the components of the sale: reactions, subjects, questions, videos, documents, etc. This feature promotes:

  • preparing business meetings
  • exchanges with customers
  • an immediate report of the appointment
  • commercial assistance during the meeting
  • automatic reporting in the CRM after
  • more fluid communication within the teams
  • an evolution of the process How did the idea for Salesdeck come about?
During the Covid pandemic, we were writing the Q2C Selling method with Nicolas Delignieres. It was a special time, social interactions were almost nil and all exchanges were done remotely.

Q2C Selling is a method based on collective intelligence to co-construct your sales approach with your sales team, from qualification to closing. This method allows the salesperson to compartmentalize his sales pitch in order to follow the right steps and to support him in the exchange with the customer by defining the right topics of conversation to bring, the right attitude, the right anecdotes...

This is where the idea of SalesDeck was born. Find a solution that supports salespeople during their video meeting so that they effectively adopt sales processes and sell better.




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