Moda brings all your Shopify customer data to a single place so you can take action with highly personalized Email & SMS campaigns & automations. Turn your 1st-time buyers or subscribers into repeat buyers. If you’re an eCommerce business, don’t rely just on acquisition, turn your retention game on with Moda! 

Reveal 100+ customer touch-points, and add customers into pre-built segments from repeat buyers to lost customers. Then send hyper-personalized Emails & SMS at scale.

Turn on ready-to-use automations like Welcome series, Abandoned Carts, Product Upsells & more.

Pick from 500+ pre-built templates, or use our drag-n-drop editor.

Drive up to 40% of your eCommerce revenue with Moda.

They say it’s difficult to understand customers — But not with Moda. How? After connecting your Shopify store to Moda, you can access your entire customer data in one place. But the real magic starts with segments!

Segments: By grouping customers based on their behaviors into segments, Moda will help you not just understand your shoppers, but also make their behaviors actionable.

Profile insights: From the products customers' viewed in your store to cart abandonments, get a full picture of what your customers like or dislike, and their events and actions in your store, to name a few.

Pre-built segments: The platform comes with pre-built segments that cluster customers into groups such as Loyal Customers, VIP Customers, At-Risk Loyal Customers, and more.
With our no-code segment builder, you can create specific segments based on your business use case.
Example: Shoppers in New York, purchased 3 times, in the last 45 days.

Pre-built templates: Creating emails and SMS messages from scratch could be a task. This is why you can use pre-built templates and select them based on your industry type, design tone, occasion, and more. Our vast library consists of 500+ templates that you can totally customize, saving time and effort. You can add various elements to the email builder such as stock images, blocks, texts, brand colors, and more. The messages can be sent to pre-built segments or the other groups you've created.

Automated Flows: Designing an Email and SMS is one thing, but sending them messages manually is a nightmare. This is why with flows you can automate Emails & SMS.

You can set up multiple flows like Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Product Upsells and more, based on your business goals across the customer journey. Flows get triggered every time a customer takes an action on your store such as adding a product to a cart. This would send an automated message to the customer to complete their shopping if they haven’t done so in the time frame you have set out. Moda gives you 100+ flow triggers, wait conditions, split tests & more. 

Campaigns: They are one-time broadcast messages to reach your customers in one go. So whether it is a holiday or a seasonal sale campaign, you can offer discounts, rewards, and other incentives in your campaigns and set your brand up for good conversions.
Moda's Drag-and-Drop campaign builder comes with all the standard features, plus some data superpowers: Data Blocks help you drag & drop dynamic elements straight from your Shopify store. Like products that are on discount, or discount coupon codes - all this without any coding or custom variables. 

AI-powered email builder: AI-powered content is baked into Moda's Email builder, now get ideas for headlines, subject lines, pre-header, images, etc, that'll catch the eye of your shoppers!

Dashboards: With so many activities happening in your store, you might lose track of what’s working for your brand or what isn’t. This is why with Unified Insights and Reporting, you get a bird's eye view of your store performance, campaigns, and flows.
 With analytics, you can uncover customer pain points and create targeted retention campaigns that will reduce churn and get you more conversions. Some metrics you can access are LTV, Traffic, and Average Order Value to name a few. You can see which campaigns and flows are top performing and the ones that have room for improvement. Thankfully, Moda understands every customer is different — but with the platform, you can focus on all of them in one place. So lead the way for some retention. 

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