MarsX Best of no-code and code combined.


Best of no-code and code combined....

Mars is a free dev tool for building web and mobile apps out of micro-apps combining no-code and code interfaces. MarsX is a platform that is designed specifically for startups and aims to make their journey easier, bringing more power and flexibility by allowing them to reuse thousands of micro-apps from previous projects built on the platform.

1. No limitations. Full access to code Stay within the scope of existing micro apps or enter into a proper full-scale coding IDE and create your custom logic.
2. A combination of database, backend, and frontend Traditional developers are able to use libraries, however, the micro-apps are not the same as a library. The library can only focus on either data, backend, or frontend. But it cannot focus on all of it at once. Mars can.
3. Free and open-sourced Mars engine is free and open-sourced on GitHub, it runs under
4. No vendor lock It can be deployed on Windows, Linux, or any other server technology. The entire mars project complies down to a simple JS server. Mars cloud hosting is also available.
5. All the data is run and stored by you Mars supports all basic features of GDPR: delete the account, cookies, and secure storage of sensitive data. If there is anything around security or regulations that you aren't happy about, it is possible to modify the engine and platform to fit your needs.
6. Built and maintained by a community of dedicated developers Most micro-apps are updated daily with new bug fixes and feature releases.

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