Working on the different projects, you often have to use messengers to report the bugs, show layouts or discuss the week’s working plans. However, the list of actual and completed tasks is stored in a separate service. Task trackers rarely allow you to communicate in the chat format, messengers are not able to record tasks and deadlines.

Communicate more effectively Intranetus separates business and private zones reliably without losing important information. Intranetus is the ability to communicate, conduct audio and video conferences and collect all working files in one place - without being distracted by a bunch of chats in different messengers.

Manage business Intranetus coordinates your team’s activities: allows you to manage projects, organize and quickly set up processes for everything from meetings to planning, and takes efficiency to the next level.

Share knowledge Intranetus is a culture of open teamwork. Each team member makes suggestions freely, shares ideas and receives feedback quickly. All notes, quarterly reports and important documents are collected and stored in the collective “Brain”.


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