Inistate Introducing Inistate, a strong back-office system and user-friendly app combined into a single setup.


Introducing Inistate, a strong back-office system and user-friendly app combined into a single setup....

No coding knowledge? No problem when Inistate can provide the ability and confidence to build your own business application. In a single place, you can now view, share, and edit the information you need to run your business. Inistate even allows you to import and merge chaotic spreadsheet data. Providing seamless communication between the front and back office (staff on the move and in the field) and the support staff in the office. It is now easier to get your work done, no matter if you work for a large company or a small startup.

Start using Inistate to:

  • Automate workflow tasks and notify people at the right time.
  • Generate documents and reports in a few clicks.
  • Integrate and connect with thousands of apps that you prefer
  • Collaborate with your teams and clients in real time
  • Design a workflow that works for you and your business.
  • Control and maintain the document and report access permissions for your users.
  • Maintain all your information in one place.
  • Learn and adapt using Inistate with pre-template and a growing number of module templates.

  • All-in-one solution for your business
  • Simple UI design and an intuitive user interface.
  • Front and back office connections with staff on the move and supporting in office seamlessly
  • Increased speed of app delivery
  • Time savings 
  • Cost savings than hiring a developer to build the app from scratch.
  • User friendly applications
  • Variety of templates to choose from and customize to suit your business's needs.
  • Less documents to manage
  • Flexibility to use Inistate in any context

Inistate is an instant no-code adaptive business app builder for growth.
supercharged with workflow, automation, integration.

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