Fleksy by Thingthing Ltd. Elevated mobile typing & powerful SDK for your next bold idea

Fleksy by Thingthing Ltd.

Elevated mobile typing & powerful SDK for your next bold idea...

Thingthing Ltd. is a 5 years old startup helping users elevate their typing experience on smartphones thanks to the Fleksy keyboard, one of the world's most popular virtual keyboards on iOS & Android. The company also serves a countless number of small, medium and large companies worldwide thanks to the powerful Fleksy SDK, which has grown significantly in the past years. You’ll be part of a fully-remote team with HQ in Europe. Within a dynamic work environment, Fleksy is looking for amazing personalities & outstanding talent to join its fast growing business. Fleksy is growing fast and we hope you can join our team & help us become the leading brand globally!  

The Fleksy keyboard is a mobile virtual keyboard for your smartphone that elevates your typing experience. Available on iOS and Android, the Fleksy keyboard is beautifully designed & highly customizable, it lets you type at unparalleled speed in total privacy. 

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