Findly: The AI Chatbot for Your Data Warehouse.

Findly: The AI Chatbot for Your Data Warehouse.... is an AI-powered chatbot for data warehouses that enables users to access accurate, actionable data insights in minutes without needing to learn SQL or Python.

The natural language processing technology allows business personnel to ask questions in plain English and receive easy-to-understand results. This reduces the time to insight (TTI) and eliminates the need to rely on individual data professionals.

It also simplifies onboarding by allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in seconds. is compatible with all databases and data warehouses that can run SQL queries, and allows users to ask questions directly on Slack.

It is designed to free up software engineering time and give businesses the insights they need without requiring any SQL or data interpretation expertise.

Slack, MS Teams, Website, Web-App, SQL databases

Startup from United States of America

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