30 Hour Jobs A job board for shorter work weeks

30 Hour Jobs

A job board for shorter work weeks...

30 Hour Jobs is a job board for employers and job seekers who believe that shorter workweek can lead to healthier and happier employees and a more productive work environment.The job board offers job seekers a place to find jobs that match their values. These jobs value rest and conscious focused work. There are a variety of reasons people look for jobs with shorter hours, from family care needs, to health issues, to having more time for errands and exercise.For employers, 30 Hour Jobs offers gives hiring managers access to a pool of talented and motivated individuals who may otherwise be unserved in the job market. If your organization is open to flexible working hours, you can gain a competitive advantage in hiring by including these job seekers in your search.

The website is built using Django as the webserver, Vue.js as a javascript framework, and Taildwind CSS as a CSS framework.

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