10 Tips For Successful Event Management

Corporate events are excellent PR tools for most companies and brands. They can be used for launching new products, for fundraising, for press conferences or for communicating with customers or shareholders....

10 Tips For Successful Event Management

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While smaller events can be easily managed in-house, the management of bigger corporate events should be outsourced to a specialized agency. Event planning and management companies can handle such events much better than the PR department of a corporation.

They have the needed resources to handle communication with multiple suppliers, as they usually assign an entire team to handle a very large event. No corporation would be able to give such level of attention to an event, no matter how big and how important the event is for its future. Here are a few things to consider if you want a successful event for your company.

Planning is the key to success You need to locate and book the best possible venue as soon as you know the date of your event. Make sure the venue is easily accessible and that it has enough parking spots to offer your guests the ease of access they deserve. As the best conference venues are booked even one year in advance, make sure to get your contract and deposit in as early as possible. This is central to good corporate event planning.

Budgeting helps you create successful events You may have to face unexpected expenses, but if you have a complete budget laid out for the event, you will know what you can afford. Here are some good tips for budgeting.

All essential documents should be made in double copies This is how you can eliminate the risk of leaving an important folder somewhere, without the chance of retrieving your documents.

Send out your invitations early and avoid setting the event date on a major holiday "Save the date" messages can help improve your response rate. RSVPs are useful, as they enable you to calculate your headcount. Even late RSVP calls can help, so add them on your to do list.

Decide whether you need a theme for your event or not Sometimes, you may be better off without any theme.

Do you want your guests to sit or stand?
If you need them to interact with as many others as possible, you may want them to stand. On the contrary, if such mixing and mingling isn't an absolute must, you may want them to be seated. This means you may need a seating chart.

Equipment matters Do you need projectors, speakers, microphones or other equipment? If you do, you should verify that the venue has everything, otherwise you are going to need to rent them elsewhere and bring them in yourself. Before making a decision, you should estimate the prices for each option.

What types of staff are you going to need? Make a list of all of them, and then check with the facility managers to verify that they have the staff available or you need to bring your own staff.

Do you need special accommodation? If you need some of your guests to spend the night, make sure there is a hotel nearby.

Communication is the most important element for success Discuss all points with the event planner and make sure everyone understands your instructions very clearly. This will avoid further headaches caused by confusions and misinterpretations.

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